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Repository of Research and Investigative Information

دانشگاه علوم پزشکی و خدمات بهداشتی درمانی زنجان

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(2013) The Anticancer Agent Prodigiosin Is Not a Multidrug Resistance Protein Substrate. DNA AND CELL BIOLOGY. pp. 90-97.

(2013) Are serum levels of immunoglobulin classes and IgG subclasses involved in delayed pulmonary complications induced by sulfur mustard? Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study. International Immunopharmacology. pp. 936-943.

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(2013) Association of serum immunoglobulins levels and eye injuries in sulfur mustard exposed: Sardasht-Iran Cohort Study. International Immunopharmacology. pp. 944-951.

(2013) Dissemination of aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes and 16S rRNA methylases among acinetobacter baumannii and pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates. Microbial Drug Resistance. pp. 282-288.

(2013) Elevating the expression level of biologically active recombinant human alpha 1-antitrypsin in pichia pastoris. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology.

(2013) Fatigue in multiple sclerosis: Relationship with disease duration, physical disability, disease pattern, age and sex. Acta Neurologica Belgica. pp. 411-414.

(2013) Isolation, characterization, and transplantation of bone marrow-derived cell components with hematopoietic stem cell niche properties. Stem Cells and Development. pp. 3052-3061.

(2013) Major Depressive Disorder: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Iranian Patients. ISSUES IN MENTAL HEALTH NURSING. pp. 685-692.

(2013) Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T mutation and risk of retinal vein thrombosis. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MEDICAL SCIENCES. pp. 487-491.

(2013) Opium could be considered an independent risk factor for lung cancer: A case-control study. Respiration. pp. 112-118.

(2013) A Pharmacokinetic Overview of Nanotechnology-Based Drug Delivery Systems: An ADME-Oriented Approach. CRITICAL REVIEWS IN THERAPEUTIC DRUG CARRIER SYSTEMS. pp. 435-467.

(2013) Polymer partitioning approach for petroleum hydrocarbon reduction in a clay soil. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution.

(2013) Preparation and characterization of gelatin nanoparticles containing pDNA encoding IL-12 and their expression in CT-26 carcinoma cells. FUTURE ONCOLOGY. pp. 1195-1206.

(2013) Preparation, optimization, and in-vitro/in-vivo/ex-vivo characterization of chitosan-heparin nanoparticles: drug-induced gelation. JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACOLOGY. pp. 1118-1133.

(2013) Prevalence and molecular identification of the mediterranean variant among G6PD-deficient sistani and balouch males in Southeastern Iran. Biochemical Genetics. pp. 131-138.

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(2013) The impact of preparation parameters on typical attributes of chitosan-heparin nanohydrogels: particle size, loading efficiency, and drug release. DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY. pp. 1774-1782.

(2013) The relationship between serum adiponectin and prognosis in patients with heart failure. Bratislavské lek�rske listy. pp. 455-459.

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