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بررسي دما و رطوبت بهينه براي رشد كرم ها و انجام فرآيند توليد ورمي كمپوست از پسماندهاي غذايي

(1387) بررسي دما و رطوبت بهينه براي رشد كرم ها و انجام فرآيند توليد ورمي كمپوست از پسماندهاي غذايي. سلامت و محيط زيست.

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Survey of Optimal Temperature and Moisture for Worms Growth and Operating Vermicompost Production of Food Wastes


Background and Objectives:Nowadays vermicompost production of food wastes is posed as one of appropriate methods to food wastes. disposal, its production used in agriculture and gardening. Moreover this process has some by products beside useful fertilizer that one of them is the worms. we can use them in variety of products specially in production of poultry and fish food. So determination of optimal condition for operating vermicompost production process of food wastes and worms. growth in these wastes is important. The aim of this study was determination of optimal temperature and moisture range for process progression in vermicompost production of food wastes. Materials and Methods: In this study we used Eisenia foetida species. Process performed in pots with 15 cm (h) and 12 cm (d) and in a mouth period of time. Three ranges of temperature including 5-15, 15-25, 25-35 oC and three ranges of moisture including 55-65%, 65-75%, 75-85% were applied in this study. Results: Multivariate analysis was used for analyze of results and it showed that influence of temperature and moisture on C:N ratio is significant in vermicomposting process (p <0.05). Conclusion: The results showed that the range of temperature 15-25 oC is more appropriate for operating of process. Due to these study.s results with increasing or reduction of ambient temperature, like summer and winter, conservation of moisture around the range of 65-75 %, is effective in better performance of the process. According to this study.s results, it seems that the temperature of 15- 25 oC and moisture of 65-75% are better conditions for worm.s growth.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Vermicompost, Food wastes, Eisenia foetida, optimum temperature, optimum moisture
Journal or Publication Title: سلامت و محيط زيست
Abstract and Indexing: ISC
Depositing User: خانم گیتی شاه محمدی

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