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The effect of Achillea millefolium extract on spermatogenesis of male Wistar rats

(2011) The effect of Achillea millefolium extract on spermatogenesis of male Wistar rats. Human and Experimental Toxicology. pp. 328-334.

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Achillea millefolium or yarrow, a native plant in many countries, has been recognized in historical medicine, mainly because of its astringent effects. However, some aspects of the toxicity of yarrow such as possible effects on male reproductive system are not well established. In this investigation, the effects of A. millefolium L. extract on spermatogenesis in adult male wistar rats were studied. Eighty-five male Wistar rats were divided into nine experimental groups (10 in each group except the ninth group). Extract was administered at the dose of 200,400 and 800 mg/kg/day by intraperitoneal (IP) injection or through gavage for 22 days, on every other day. Three groups were determined as sham and control groups. Five rats from each group were killed and the rest of the rats were kept for 40 days later, but with no injection, to assess the reversibility of extract effect on spermatogenesis. The results of the study showed scattered immature cells on basal membrane in seminiferous tubules at the dose of 400 mg/kg/day IP. Moreover, a significant decrease in cell accumulation and vacuolization in seminiferous tubule was seen. At the dose of 800 mg/kg, IP, thickened seminiferous tubules on basal membrane, decrease in cell accumulation in seminiferous tubule, severe disarrangement, degenerative cells and severe decrease in sperm count were seen. At the dose of 800 mg/kg/day, orally, basal membrane was thickened and the disarrangement in cells was demonstrated. As a conclusion, our results suggest that the total extract of A. millefolium L. exhibit temporary antifertile activity in adult male animals.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Author Keywords:Achillea millefolium; reproductive system; seminiferous; antifertile KeyWords Plus:ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY; L. ASTERACEAE; YARROW
Page Range: pp. 328-334
Journal or Publication Title: Human and Experimental Toxicology
Abstract and Indexing: ISI, Pubmed, Scopus
Quartile : Q3
Volume: 30
Number: 4
Publisher: scopus
Depositing User: خانم مریم زرقانی

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